Color Your Heart Out Valentines!

Valentine's Day is coming up!  It's one of my favorite holidays.  I miss the days of passing out Valentines at school, which I was doing until just a few years ago with my first graders! Luckily now my girls are old enough to start taking part in the tradition!  Last year's Valentines looked like this, with some candy attached.  I went with a candy free option this year mostly because these little crayon packs are so cute!  You could put so many other coloring related things inside here as well!

You can have these too!  Download the file by clicking HERE.  To assemble, print the Valentines onto white cardstock and cut out.  Use plastic treat bags like these, insert coloring related gift, and possibly cut some excess plastic from the top. Fold Valentine in half and place over the top of the bag.  Staple near the bottom edge of the cardstock. 

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!
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I love you because...

Isn't this such a sweet idea??  I think I originally came across it a year ago here, and I just finally got around to putting it together.  It took about 5 minutes.  I did have to buy the frames first, but I ended up already having one, so that was helpful.  After I designed them in PSE I just printed them on cardstock and put them in the frames.  I use a dry erase marker and write the love notes directly on the glass.  It's so fun to read them to the girls each time we go in their rooms.  Lila likes to point to the frame and say "I love you cause!" whenever we walk by.  When I first read the whole thing to her she repeated "I a good helper!" in such a proud little voice.  So sweet.  I've been changing it after I know they've heard it a few times.  Luckily there's a hall closet right between their rooms, so I keep the pen and eraser stored in there for easy access.

Our hallway is really dark, so they were hard to photograph, but this is what they look like outside the girls' rooms.  I think they're a really meaningful way to fill up the blank space!  I've included the art below in case anyone wants to print their own.  I think you can just save it to your computer!

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Photo Collages

I've really been wanting to put photo collages in my blog posts, but I wasn't sure how.  That is, until I came across this post on the House of Smiths!  I had fun playing with the collage templates in Photoshop Elements today...

Sweet Camille during her Valentine photo shoot.  I'm glad I got some cute pics of her looking AT the camera for once. :)

Cutie pie Lila Jane in her first piggy tails!  She's a ham- all we have to do is ask her for a cheesy smile. :)

I'm so excited to find more ways to use all my new templates!  I'm learning more about PSE slowly but surely. ;)