Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pink Superhero Party

I'm finally getting around to posting Lila's Pink Superhero birthday party that we celebrated in July!  I had a lot of fun with this theme.  The printables for this party are available in my Etsy shop here.  It's been featured on Kara's Party Ideas and Catch My Party. :)  The girls' capes are from Neverland Nook on Etsy, and the favor capes and masks are from Fun Kidz Stuff on Etsy.





Thursday, June 6, 2013

Decorating a Big Empty Wall!

We were having dinner in the dining room one night and I was sitting on the side of the table that faces the staircase to the upper level of our house.  I found myself staring at the completely blank almost 20 sq. ft. wall thinking, "Wow!  That looks really bare..."  Of course that was about seven months ago, so I obviously wasn't in a hurry to fix it, but the problem was really that I had no idea what to do with it.  I knew I didn't want to do a gallery wall- way too much work!  And purchasing art large enough for the space seemed really expensive and complicated.  I'm not exactly sure when I decided on this idea, but on one of the first decent weather days we had I took the girls and my camera to the park.  I got some great shots of them, so I finally ordered three 20x30s from Costco for $8.99 each.  I mounted each photo to a 20x30 piece of foam board from Office Depot using double sided tape, and hung them with Quakehold (quick tip if you go this route: use at least a nickel sized piece per top corner, or else they may jump off the wall!). Not only is this a budget friendly project, but you also don't have to feel bad if you want to switch the pictures in a few months!  Plus, no holes in the wall!  So far we love how they look.  These and the big photo strips are my two new favorite ways to fill up space.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Love Shower

This weekend we hosted the sweetest baby shower for my sister in law!  She's having a girl!  When I asked her if she had any theme or color preferences, she responded with, "just lots of pink!"  I had no trouble with that request! :)  I went with a baby love theme, with light pink and coral and gold accents.  I loved every minute of planning!  We decided to do a sit down lunch buffet on the deck and luckily the weather cooperated... mostly.  It was sunny and warm and beautiful, but the wind was a little crazy.  We had to retrieve a few napkins and hold down our skirts, but the guests were so much fun, and we all had a great time!









The D├ęcor:
It's no secret that I love tissue paper poms.  I really can't get enough of them, especially on my chandelier.  Every time I make a pom pom chandelier it stays up for a month because it makes me happy. :)  I reused some poms and lanterns from Martha Stewart and bought a few new ones on Etsy in the party colors.  The outdoor tables were decorated with white linens and a table runner made from wrapping paper I purchased at Target.  The color was perfect for the party and you can't beat the price!  I reused my gold chargers and milk glass vases for the tables and bought gold frames at  Dollar Tree for the love messages and other signs.  The napkin rings were pink ribbon, a punched out gold heart and a skeleton key tied together.  I really love skeleton keys so I had to fit them in.  I think they kind of work with the baby love theme... the key to my heart... maybe? :)  I also had to have dipped silverware after seeing it online a few times.  I painted the ends of the some Dollar Tree silverware ballet pink and coral isle.  The flowers were probably my favorite part of the whole party.  I had my heart set on peonies and luckily we snuck right under the wire of peony season!  I dropped by the local farmer's market the day before the party and bought light pink and dark coral peonies and they were gorgeous!  I can't get over how much they looked like the pom poms in the chandelier!  The invitation and the printables from this party will be up in my Etsy shop soon!
We decided against traditional baby shower games, but I liked the idea of an activity to give everyone something to do.  Hair clip making was the answer!  I set up a clip making station under the pom pom chandelier and the guests really got into it!  To make it easy, I pre-lined clips with a variety of ribbons and then set out bows, buttons, flowers etc. so each guest could design their own.  They put them on a little piece of cardstock and signed their name.  We also had a baby name suggestion jar as well as a place to write a note to the baby girl!
Food and Drinks:
Lucky for me, my husband is an amazing cook.  He designed the whole menu for the event and prepared all of the food himself, with the exception of the orzo salad and a few desserts.  The food was fabulous!  I've spent the last two days eating leftovers. :)  The only contributions I made to the menu were the heart shaped pies which were pretty easy to make.  The macarons were from Trader Joe's and the other desserts and orzo salad were from Whole Foods.  For beverages we offered wine, a champagne cart for mimosas and bellinis, water, soda and pink lemonade.
The mama to be made berry jam from scratch to give as favors!  Not only that, she decorated the jars with gorgeous fabric and a darling little tag that even included the ingredients!  Such a great favor and so delicious!
The shower was a blast and I cannot wait to meet my niece in a month or so!  Next up is a super cute pink superhero party... stay tuned... :)
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