Color Your Heart Out Valentines!

Valentine's Day is coming up!  It's one of my favorite holidays.  I miss the days of passing out Valentines at school, which I was doing until just a few years ago with my first graders! Luckily now my girls are old enough to start taking part in the tradition!  Last year's Valentines looked like this, with some candy attached.  I went with a candy free option this year mostly because these little crayon packs are so cute!  You could put so many other coloring related things inside here as well!

You can have these too!  Download the file by clicking HERE.  To assemble, print the Valentines onto white cardstock and cut out.  Use plastic treat bags like these, insert coloring related gift, and possibly cut some excess plastic from the top. Fold Valentine in half and place over the top of the bag.  Staple near the bottom edge of the cardstock. 

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!
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