Important Dates Art

Well, the cupcake liner L finally had to go.  We had a wedding shower this weekend for my best friend, and it just didn't go with the decor.  As I was making burlap banners for the shower, I came up with the brilliant idea of using burlap to make an important dates sign.  I originally saw the idea here and immediately designed one on the computer, but for some reason the burlap was calling to me and I knew that was the direction I needed to go with this project.
The space for the art is 11 x 14, so I created a document on the computer and printed it horizontally on two pieces of cardstock.  I used the same technique that I do to make burlap banners, and laid the burlap over the cardstock to use as an outline to paint over.  It's really pretty easy to do as long as you use a small angled paint brush.  The whole project took under two hours!

I still miss the fluffy L, but I love how this turned out!
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