Toy Bin Labels

I'm trying to teach my little ones to clean up after themselves.  Not an easy task!  Their play area has a bunch of bins and baskets and they only kind of know where things are supposed to go.  It doesn't help that my older daughter's favorite game is to dump every toy she has into a big pile.  It drives me nuts to say the least.  Instead of trying to keep her from doing it (which is futile, believe me), I just limit the number of toys that are out at any one time.  Toy circulation also makes toys seem new!  To help encourage them to put away the toys instead of just leaving them in a huge pile in the middle of the floor, I decided to make labels for the bins and attach them with velcro, so I can switch the labels based on which toys I've put out.

I took pictures of some toys, labeled them in Photoshop, and printed them on cardstock.  I found these laminating sheets in my office to protect the finished product.

After I put the labels between two sheets of laminate, I cut them out.

I ended up sticking the labels in the backs of the bins because they sit on the shelf at an angle.

Maybe having a picture label will make clean up more fun??  I can dream! :)

Has anyone tried something like this?  Has it worked for you??

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