Button Initials

I'm pretty sure EVERYONE is making these button letters. I might actually be the last one, but when I saw them floating around Pinterest I knew I needed one (or two!). I decided that I wanted them free standing (hanging?) rather than framed or on a surface, so I thought about buying a pre-cut letter and gluing the buttons on. Unfortunately I couldn't find the exact size or font I wanted, so of course I decided to make the letter. I'm sharing a tutorial, but I think it's more of a what not to do...

Step 1: Draw letter onto foam core board. (Please excuse the poorly lit pictures!)

Step 2: Cut letter out with Exacto knife or box cutter.  This will result in yucky edges... yeah, wasn't anticipating that.  I almost threw it away said forget it, but I got creative...

Step 3: Glue grosgrain ribbon to edges of letter with hot glue!  This part wasn't too bad...

Step 4: I realized there would be no gluing the ribbon down with cutting little slits in it.  This is where it started to get unpleasant (there were some burnt fingers).

Step 5: Start gluing down buttons.  (Notice I didn't ribbonize the inside of the letter... figured that out after this picture.  Don't forget the middles!)

Step 6: Admire your hard work!   

These are going in the girls' bathroom, which might be my favorite room in the house.  I wish I could've taken a picture of them in the room, but there is zero natural light.  Bummer.  I love how they turned out, but I would suggest just buying pre-made letters! :)

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