Chronicles of a Big Girl Room: Ribbon Trimmed Mirror

I wanted to share a super quick and easy (and inexpensive!) project that I put together for the big girl room.  Camille loves to check out her outfits so I knew it was important to put a mirror in her room.  Although she's one of the girliest little girls I've ever met, she's also a climber, dismantler and all around destroyer of things.  If something can be scaled, knocked down, taken apart, or mutilated in any way, Camille is right there.  Therefore the mirror needed to be as indestructible as possible, which is why I decided to use one of those cheap (not actual glass?) mirrors you can buy at Target, Home Depot etc. for about $5.  It was a little blah, so originally I thought about sewing a REALLY long ruffle and gluing it around the frame.  During a trip to JoAnn's I happened to find some pink ribbon trim that was already ruffled!  Perfect!  I brought it home and glued it around the mirror in about 5 minutes.  Hopefully she won't decide to peel the ribbon off, but so far it's been okay!

Once we figure out the layout of the room, we'll hang it on the wall!

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