For the Harry Potter Fans...

I've probably mentioned before that my husband is the most difficult person to buy gifts for.  If he needs something, he buys it, and if he wants something, only he really knows which color, size, style, brand, gigabytes of memory etc.  Every once in awhile I get lucky and he'll mention something and I buy it before he does, but it's a pretty rare event. ;)  For Christmas this year I decided to take one of our favorite scenes from Harry Potter and turn it into a sort of love note/piece of art for him. 
 "after all this time?" "always."
Even if you're not a super nerdy, take yourselves and your two tiny children on a pilgrimage across the United States to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida type Harry Potter fan, this is still a pretty sweet sentiment. :)   
I made this using my Silhouette for the words and hand cut stencils for the trees and doe.  The font for the words 'after all this time' is actually the font used in the books (I know, it just keeps getting more obsessive! It's Adobe Garamond in case you're interested.) ;)  To make the trees, I cut tree shapes out of brown craft paper and then cut notches in the sides so they'd look like birch trees, just because I like birch trees.  I looked up a picture of a doe and drew her on the craft paper as well, and then cut her out.  I glued the tree stencils down with glue stick (I would've used spray adhesive but I was out!), painted the gray around them, and then peeled the trees off after the paint was mostly dry.  I glued the word stencils on and painted inside of them, once again peeling them off when the paint was dry, and lastly added the doe using the same technique.  I sanded the whole thing lightly to give it a slightly distressed look. 
This will go in our bedroom as soon as I decide which wall to hang it on!  Quotes, song lyrics, poetry etc. make for really personal art pieces and great gifts... Valentine's Day is coming up!
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