Goodwill Art Turned Chalkboard

When I started to decorate the dining room, I knew I wanted a big chalkboard.  I suspected however, that finding a big, chunky framed chalkboard in my budget would be pretty difficult.  Enter Goodwill and spray paint!  I found a great piece of art at Goodwill for around $15.  I don't have any before pictures since it was pre-blog, but think dark frame with a sad, faded print.  To transform the frame and glass, I bought white spray paint and chalkboard spray paint.  After I separated the glass from the frame, I spray painted the frame white and the glass with chalkboard paint.  The glass took many, many coats.  I think I went through almost two cans of spray paint!  It was wet for a long time, and since it was outside, I picked out many an unfortunate bug who'd wandered there.  Painting the frame white was much easier!  Once everything was dry, I put it all back together.  The frame is attached to the wall with Museum Putty which is one of my favorite products!  

Sometimes the chalkboard displays our dinner menu but it works just as well for quotes or holiday greetings!

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