Adorable Felt Hearts

I love Valentine's Day!  Actually, I'm not sure if it's the day itself or just the hearts, but I've always loved making hearts!  I also love any sewing project that doesn't require the use of my sewing machine (because it scares me!) so this project is perfect!  The idea for these came from a tutorial for a partridge ornament I made at Christmas. I used a blanket stitch to sew these together, but I am by no means a blanket stitch pro, so there will be no thorough tutorial here.  There are a few vague pictures though, so maybe that will help.  Otherwise, if you are unfamiliar with the blanket stitch you should probably google it. :)

- felt
- fabric
- cardboard heart stencils (I cut mine from a cracker box)
- embroidery floss and needle
- Heat n Bond lite and iron
- scissors
- poly fill
- buttons and/or ribbon for embellishment

This is what I started with:

After cutting out the hearts, I ironed on the fabric so it would stay put while being sewn.

I stitched on the fabric heart, buttons and ribbon before sewing the two hearts together.

Here's what a blanket stitch looks like.

If you have a little helper, you can let them put in the stuffing. 

After stuffing, finish stitching and voila!  Adorable Valentine's decorations!  I added the ribbon in case I wanted to hang them somewhere, but the I kind of like them in the basket. 

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