Hello Spring

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest!  It wasn't especially sunny, but the temperature got up to 60 degrees!  I took the girls on a walk to the park and they had so much fun!  It was so nice to get outside again!

I got inspired to set up a little springy decor in the dining room.  I decided I liked the feathers from Camille's birthday party, so I kept them up and added real ones to the apothecary jar along with some moss.  I adore chalkboard art; I'll still be making it when everyone else has moved on. :)

Typically we see mostly rain in the spring, but I'm loving these dry days!
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Rainbow Bagels

As the girls were eating bagels for breakfast this morning, Camille held hers up and said, "Look, a rainbow!" So we turned them into rainbows! All it took was a little whipped cream cheese and food color gel.

The rainbow obviously needed some clouds and the girls were happy to eat marshmallows at breakfast time.

Camille wanted to draw a rainbow to match the bagels so she got the crayons ready.
She was probably most excited to drink orange juice out of a stripey straw. :)
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Easter Banner - Free Printable!

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With Easter just around the corner, I decided it was time to start decorating! I didn't put anything up for Valentine's Day this year and Camille won't stop reminding me. She told me not to forget to decorate for Easter, so we started with a Happy Easter banner. 
I love the coral, navy and mint together!
Click HERE to download the banner for your own Easter decorating!
DIY Tips: Print onto white cardstock and cut out. Punch holes in the top corners and string onto ribbon or twine.

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A Cloud Chandelier

My poor chandelier is almost always covered in something.  I like to think of it as getting it dressed up for different occasions!  Here it is for Lila's birthday party last summer, covered in blue and white poms and lanterns:
Here it is for my friend's bridal shower covered in pink and white poms and lanterns:
Here it is for Halloween covered in spider webs:
And for Camille's Vidia party, it dressed up as a cloud! 
All it takes to turn your chandelier into a cloud (or to make free hanging clouds!) is an old pillow, some ornament hooks and monofilament.
Here's how I did it:
1. Cut open pillow and pull out stuffing.
2. Carefully pull off and fluff a piece of stuffing to form a cloud. 
3. Tie monofilament to an ornament hook and hook inside cloud.
4. Tie another ornament hook to the other end of the monofilament for hanging.

I ended up using about 10 different clouds of varying sizes to cover the chandelier (I only covered the front, not the entire thing).   I would have liked to have the clouds hang from the ceiling individually, but the ceiling in the dining room is really high!  I love the big focal point though, and it went nicely with our fast flying fairy themed party!
 Something to note: This pillow stuffing was cotton and polyester.  When we turned the chandelier on, while it looked really neat, it got hot pretty quickly.  We kept it turned off, just in case!

A Vidia Themed Birthday Party

**Printables from this party are now available in my etsy shop!**

We celebrated Camille's 4th birthday this weekend!  It was such a great party!  We skipped the party thing last year since we were in Disneyland over her birthday, so I was definitely ready to plan a big one for her this year!  She chose a Vidia themed party, and if you're at all familiar with the Disney Fairies franchise, you know that Vidia is the fairy with the most attitude.  I tried to persuade her to go with a different theme, but Camille adores Vidia.  The unfortunate part was that she'd had a Tinker Bell birthday party when she turned 2, so I've already done a fairy party and I was ready to move on!  In the end, I was just forced to get creative and I love how it turned out!
I went with a fuchsia and gray color scheme and used a flying fairy silhouette for the printables.  I designed all of the printables myself and had a blast doing it!  We used clouds and feathers as decor since Vidia is a fast flying fairy!



And here is Camille meeting her idol in person last year.  She's ecstatic. :)
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