Pretty Fabric Flower Clips and Birthday Outfit

Every birthday girl needs a special birthday outfit, don't you think?  In our case they usually involve some type of tutu.  I've made a bunch of tied tutus but this one was definitely my best yet.  I used A LOT of tulle, so it was super poufy!  Since the party was birdie themed, I also wanted to subtly incorporate feathers into Lila's outfit.

Her hair clip and pin were inspired by this tutorial from Simply Vintagegirl.  The tutorial is fantastic, and the only changes I made were to use a variety of drinking glasses as my circle templates and to use barbecue tongs to hold the circles while melting the edges.  I couldn't find my tealight stash so I was using a regular candle, and it was hot!  Thank goodness for barbecue tongs. :)  I started with a sheerish light blue 100% polyester fabric, traced a few different glasses onto it, and cut them out.  I cut four or five slits into each circle and held them each over the flame until the edges curled.  After sewing my layers together I glued a few pearl beads in the center and either an alligator clip or a pin to the back.  I added a fluffy white feather to each and that was it!  I love how the outfit turned out!  So cute!

Taking a juice box break after an intense session in the bounce house. :)


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