Father's Day Art

It's really hard to buy gifts for my husband.  He doesn't want or need many things and when he does, he buys them.  Occasionally I can beat him to it, but I usually end up buying him exciting things like new socks or underwear.  My solution to this problem is to have the girls make things for him that are both sentimental and help decorate my house. :)  I used this technique for our Valentine's Day gift as well,  although he took that one to work so I had to make a duplicate!

This is the gift we made for him last year.  The story behind this is that when Camille was about two she started telling us, "I love you so much!" and she would say it 100 times a day.  It was ridiculously adorable.  What made it even more precious was her squeaky little two year old voice.  She was truly speaking from her heart and I tried so hard to cherish it each time, knowing there would be a day when she would grow out of it. 

Canvas (this is 11x14)
Letter stickers or vinyl stencils
Paint brush or foam brush (or even sponges!)
Mod Podge

Step 1: I adhered the stickers to the canvas and then sealed them in with Mod Podge to help minimize bleeding and to keep them from moving while Camille was painting.
Step 2: I knew Camille wouldn't cover the whole canvas with paint so I painted it a very light blue because I didn't want a lot of white in the background.
Step 3: Camille got to work with a few different shades of grey-blue and a little white.  She used a combination of her hands and a foam brush.  I tried to give her each color separately so she didn't end up just blending them all into one shade of blue.
Step 4: We added a few heart "stamps" courtesy of a cookie cutter.
Step 5: We let it dry and then I carefully removed the stickers.

Unfortunately the story ends as I expected it would.  Camille says this phrase occasionally but it's usually just "I love you" and not 100 times a day.  I love having this reminder of her sweet words hanging in our bedroom where I can see it everyday, and I think my husband likes it too! ;) 

PS. Camille just hopped in my lap as I was typing this and I asked her if she remembered saying "I love you so much!" all the time.  She responded with "I love you so much, Mama!  I still know how to say that!" :)


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