Chalkboard Engagement Party Art

About a month ago I discovered Dana Tanamachi. If you haven't heard of her, click on the link now!  She does absolutely amazing things with chalk.  Unlike many of my projects, when I saw her work I didn't immediately think, "I can do that!" but I did think "If I can make something that looks even a quarter as good as what she does, I'll be happy." :)

My dearest friend (since we were five!) is getting married this year and we had a little engagement get together this weekend.  I was in charge of decor, so I decided to use my newfound inspiration to create a piece of art.  I took this quote right from one of Dana's pieces, but I designed it differently using a combination of her techniques.

I started with a 2'x3' piece of mdf (from the same board I bought for my dog stencil art) that I painted with chalkboard paint.  I cut out a stencil for the border using tag board so I didn't have to go crazy trying to freehand it!  I sketched the whole thing out beforehand, so I used that as a guide for the writing.  The writing was tricky, not just the spacing and sizing of letters, but the actual process, because I was trying not to erase things as I worked.  Therefore, I was perched on my kitchen island, hovering over the board in some pretty precarious positions!  Great ab workout though!

I think I might be in a chalk art phase now!  Such an inexpensive way to make a big impact!


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