New Look!

Check out my new blog design!  Many thanks to Kim from Seven Thirty Three Custom Blog Design! She was so easy to work with and is a design genius! 

I discovered pretty quickly when I started my blog that I am not a web designer. At all. I spent hours researching how to add my own background, design a button, make headers etc. and I only barely figured anything out.  Immediately I started scoping out blog designers, but was having a hard time finding anyone whose work I connected with or whose prices I could justify. :)  I came across an adorable blog and noticed the Seven Thirty Three blog design button.  As soon as I saw Kim's portfolio I was hooked, and her prices can't be beat!  Seriously check her out if you want a new look.  Her portfolio is amazing! I am so excited about my new blog! :)

And because every blog post needs a picture... this girl is excited about my new blog too!